Aviv Itzhaki, M.D.

Dr. Aviv Itzhaki moved to Las Vegas from Gainesville Florida. He performed his internship and residency at the University of Florida, where he specialized in Psychiatry. He graduated medical school with a dual M.D. and Master’s Degree in Public Health. He practiced at the Veterans Administration prior to joining Focus Mental Health Solutions. Passionate about improving mental health in his home town of Las Vegas, he has been practicing in multiple inpatient facilities and emergency rooms. 


In his free time, Dr. Itzhaki enjoys spending time with his family, playing a multitude of sports, and outdoor activities. His goals are to continue improving mental health access to patients in the greater Las Vegas area by providing both inpatient and outpatient care. He welcomes you to schedule an appointment to the new at the Focus Mental Health Outpatient Clinic.

Hospital and Other Medical Facility Affiliations

Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital

Focus Mental Health Solutions Outpatient Services

Professional Associations

Executive Committee Co-Chair – Focus Mental Health Solutions Outpatient Services

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